Friday, 2 October 2009

Lauren Conrads New Line at Kohl's

Hills Reality TV star Lauren "LC" Conrad has decided to launch a new line at Kohl's.  
Her new contemporary clothing brand, LC Lauren Conrad is available at Kohl’s Department stores , all 300 of ‘em – and at Kohl' Her new line is  offers: jeans – skinny and boyfriend styles -- $54, a water-colored ruffled frock for $60, a dolmen-sleeved sweater $40, and a  $20 camisole.  Don’t look for much cold weather garb, however.  Conrad says that the collection is a “California brand,” featuring much lightweight fabric for an “effortless look,” which might just have you shivering a bit if you live in cooler climes.
Her clothes HIT Kohl's Yesterday Oct. 1st. 
I have to admit I'm a bit disappointed because I guess I was expecting a little bit more. Here's a look below: