Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Suger is Sweet and so is M.A.C

I've always had a sweet tooth. Sweet anything sounds good to me, including makeup. M.A.C makeup that is! M.A.C has introduced a very sweet collection for all of us sweet lovers. Sugary sweet pastels abound in this latest collection from MAC. Cupcakes and candy are glorified in Sugarsweet, with pastel, mint and buttercream colours accenting Spring looks. Here's a look below:

Shadestick, $16.50:
Lemon Chiffon- frosted pewter
Butternutty- frosted pale white gold

Penny- light pinky copper
Red Velvet- frosted mid-tone pink
Cakeshop- frosted light neutral beige

Eyeshadow, $14.50:
Sugarshot- pale frosty beige
Dear Cupcake- mid-tone pink coral with gold pearl
Aquavert- soft mint with white pearl
Stars N' Rockets
- dirty lavender with red & pink reflects

- muted reddish brown duo chrome with green opalescent shimmer

Tricolour Lip glass, $17.50:
3 stacked layers of Lip glass in 1 vial add a fun & playful effect to the final product. Each layer is a different color that smoothly gradates into the next layer. Different Pearl combinations give an appealing look textural look to each layer.They are so pretty.. I'd buy them just cuz of the way they look!

Consume Me-
Top: sheer white with reflects
Middle: pale mint with duo chrome pearl
Bottom: creamy light peach with pearl

Just Dessert-
Top: sheer yellow pink with reflects
Middle: mid-tone yellow pink with duo chrome pearl
Bottom: mid-tone creamy yellow pink

Simply Delicious-
Top: sheer peach with reflects
Middle: pale coral with duo chrome pearl

Bottom: creamy mid-tone coral

Top: sheer gold with gold reflects

Middle: true gold with duo chrome pearl

Bottom: mid-tone bronze

Top: sheer blue pink with reflects

Middle: mid-tone blue pink with duo chrome pearl
Bottom: dark creamy red pink

Lipstick $14
Bubbles- sheer frosty white beige
Saint Germain
- clean pastel pink

Lollipop Loving
- clean mid-tone coral & subtle green with gold iridescence

Sweet Thing
- mid-tone magenta with multidimensional pearl

- peachy cinnamon

Mineralize Skin finish, $27:
Perfect Topping- pink/peach/lavender melange
Refined- tan/peach/coral melange

Nail Lacquer- $11.00
Peppermint Patti- creamy mint green
Seasonal Peach
- creamy pale peachy pink

This Limited Edition Collection is now available at all M.A.C counters and at maccosmetics.com

Monday, 23 March 2009

Giorgio Armanis- Spring Light Collection

Giorgio Armani has come out with a Pink Light Spring 2009 collection. It's quite pretty. Very natural and playful colors. The eye shades are a bit light for me and would look better on Very fair skin rather then Asian skin. However the lipstick colors are very nice and would go with all skin tones. This collection is quite pricey but then again.. Its Armani!

Pink Light eye palette. This limited edition palette is embossed with Mr. Armani's signature, a distinct design for a classic spring palette. Available for $58.00

Duos morphed into fluid color for a soft, fresh color and subtle highlighting that sculpts the face. Available for $60.00

Lip wax 7 raspberry pink. A modern vision of lip color that has an incredibly smooth and silky texture of Lip Wax that glides over the lips leaving rich tailor-made color. Available for $26.00

Check out the rest of the collection at Giorgios website

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Jessica Szohr on the cover of LUCKY

Jessica Szohr who plays Vanessa on Gossip will Grace the Cover of Lucky magazine in April. Boy does she look good! Honestly, I think she doesn't look great on the show and looks amazing in real life. She is Hot! Quite Sexy if you ask me. She's going out with her co-star Ed Westwick who plays the bad boy Chuck on GG. They look so good together! Awww.

Ralph Lauren. Everyone knows him. He is a legend and when you look at his Autumn/ Winter 09/10 collection, you'll see why. His dresses were so glamorous and fabulous! Very pretty and Chic. One of my favourite Collections during NewYork's Fashion Week. Here's a look:

Michael Kors autumn/winter 09/10 collection

I really like Michael Kors, Americas leading designer. He's very funky yet stylish at the same time. I liked his autumn/ Winter 09/10 collection. The colors were Bright yet Hot and I love the way he made an office suit look so sexy.Here's a look. Do you agree?

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Sana Safinaz Lawn prints

Sana Safinaz new Lawn collection is Hot. They always have the best lawn collection. They sell like hot cakes! Here is a preview of it.

Monsoon Accessorize

I love Monsoon. When I went to Accessorize yesterday I just fell in love with everything. I love that shop! I just want to buy EVERYTHING in it! I know where I'm going as soon as I get my pay check :) Monsoon Accessorize always have the Hottest bags ,jewellery, shoes, and scarves. I love the designs and the colors they use. I bought myself some really gorgeous turquoise stoned earrings! So gorgeous! However I do have my eyes on a few more things.

Ethnic Gem Threaded Bangle £12.00

I absolutely LOVE this! The color, the stones.. it's so pretty. Very elegant and it reeks sophistication

Oriental Cut Out Resin Bangle £8.00

Metallic Floral Flip Flops £8.00

Doris Day Hawaiian Sparkly Shoulder Bag £40.00

Sanguine Lace Floral Print Silk Scarf £10.00

Portofino Wide Band Ring £10.00

I love this. As you can see... I love turquoise stones!

Aztec Wow Chandelier Earrings £


Aren't they hot. I have a major weakness for such earrings.

Boho Wooden Handle Cross Body Bag £34.0

Japanesque Mini Mismatch Bracelet £8.00

Nautical Flower Clip £8.00

Isn't this so funky! Perfect with a black/white suit. Shalwar kameez or western wear.

Double Hibiscus Salon Clip £5.00

Perfect for Spring/Summer..and perfect for my lil trip to Paris in August!

Arctic Statement Necklace £16.00

So check out Monsoon- Accessorize I'm sure you'll find something you'll love!

Saturday, 14 March 2009


I had a great time today with my bff ash! We saw the confessions of a shopaholic. Great movie.. the scary thing was that I could actually relate to it. Anyway.. shopped at M.A.C , bought some kitty lip gloss.. pretty! Anyway We were on our way back and on Regents Street when I saw Lush . I was instantly attracted to the pretty displays and the fresh aroma coming from the shop. When I entered I saw that it was fresh handmade cosmetics store. Everything was displayed as if it just came out of the kitchen or lavatory( wherever they make it.) There were bowls of water next to the bath products like shampoo, bath salts , and soap so that they can demonstrate how to use it and how it actually smells and feels in the water. Quite cool. The lady who helped us was quite sweet. We were quite fascinated with the shampoo. No.. not the liquid type. The bar of shampoo. Solid shampoo. There were different types of shampoo bars for different types of hair types. Now some of these shampoos didn't smell nice. That's because its natural! No preservatives , chemicals etc. All natural. good for your hair! Now that's what I'm talking about.Shampoo isn't supposed to make your smell hair nice,it's supposed to CLEAN it! Best part.. it'll last you 80 washes and it not expensive! They range from £4- £5.

Solid bubble bath? Weird right? No. If it's solid it has preservatives. And these are all natural. They produce just as much maybe even more bubbles and will give you a sweet fragrance that'll fill your house! Perfect for a nice soothing bath. These are also not very expensive ranging from £2- £4.

Fresh face masks. Sounds nice

doesn't it? When I entered this section I saw freshly made face masks in bowls placed on top of ice to keep it fresh. That's hoe natural it wash. I felt like putting some on my face right there! It ranged from papaya, seaweed, honey etc and cost £6.31. They also had fresh natural Henna, lip balms, cleansers, shower jelly( that was really cool) butter cream, soap, hair gel, conditioner, hair treatments and many more! Do visit the shop. The staff was very friendly and the products seem very good. You'll get your moneys worth for sure! Check out their site Lush and see for yourself!

The fresh Henna

The shower jelly

0207 4343953