Saturday, 29 November 2008

Gel Fluid Liner- Gods Gift To Women

Ladies, Its time to throw out your Liquid liners and bring in the gel! The gel fluid liner is absolutely amazing! It's my favourite and the most important item of makeup that i have!Ever since i bought my first M.A.C fluid gel liner, there was no looking back for me! Bye Bye liquid!
Gel liner applies on very smoothly and gives a very silky , soft finish. It glides on and stays put without smearing or creasing. It gives off a very smooth and sleek look. This gel liner is much better then the liquid liner. Liquid liner is more difficult to put on and the chances of making a mistake with liquid liner is more. The gel liner is easy to control and easy on the skin ...It glides onto your eyelids literally absorbing into the skin and giving it an amazing superb finish!You can cry, throw water on your face, be reckless and this baby wont budge.
All you need is a small angle brush which you can get from M.A.C or Lubna Rafiqs brushes. This brush is the best for applying it because it will help outline your eyes the way you want it.

I'm sure many of you are probably thinking that you wouldn't be able to apply it, but i assure you that you can! Gently dip your brush into the pot and make sure its properly covered but not too much making it all clumpy. Start from the inner corner eyelid and rest the brush onto your lash line. Then gently glide the brush across your lid.That's it! Its that simple. For all of you who have unsteady hands, just lean your elbow on a desk or anything sturdy and you should get it.It's more easily controlled then liquid liner so after a try or 2 you should be able to get it.The best part wet feeling!and its perfect for everyday use!After using it, REMEMBER to wipe the brush clean otherwise it can ruin your brush.
I love the way it looks.The whole pot thing and the brush. Its so cute, i feel like an artist! M.AC is very good for fluid liners and so is Bobbi Brown's Long wear gel liner. However M.A.C 's is more creamier and because of that is smoother and gets dried up less. Bobbi browns tends to dry up faster so after a couple uses, the gel in the pot is dry.

It also comes in many different colors like Bronze, chocolate brown,ivy shimmer, Sapphire,mauve, indigo and espresso to name a few. There not very expensive at all. M.A.C's fluid liner costs £11/$16.00 and Bobbi Brown is £13.50/$20.00. Now for some this may be a lot to spend on just eye liner so the next best alternative brand is Coastal scents which comes for $6.95 . That's quite reasonable for something so amazing . This pot will easily last you a year maybe more! Ive had mine for a few months now and its going very strong. As for the brushes,you can get them anywhere. One of these brushes from M.A.C cost around £13.00.That's more then the eyeliner itself! So just go to a pharmacy like CVS or Walgreens in America and get a set of brushes for only a few dollars.

Anyway I'm off.... i feel like putting some eyeliner on;)
Tc XoXo

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Lubna Rafiq-UK's Leading Makeup Artist

By living abroad, one of the disadvantages us Asian women face is the lack of Asian beauty services available. Yes i know, we do have many beauty parlours etc but how many can you say are actually very good. Good enough that you would entrust your face with them on one of the most important days of your life...yes..your wedding day! By chance i came across someone who does amazing makeup...bridal makeup and she is located here in London! Lubna Rafiq.
Lubna was trained from none other the master of all makeup Artists , Massarth Misbbah from Depilex and became a fully qualified beauty therapist and makeup artist.Since then there was no looking back! Her work has been featured in Asiana, Asiana wedding, Viya, Asian Women and Asian Bride. She has even worked with famous celebrities like Ashwariya Rai, Susmita Sen, Kajol, Kareena Kapoor and Rani Mukerjee! Now that's saying something!
I went to her launch party for her makeup brushes/ beauty boxes. I even have her makeup brush set and i must say, it is quite good! Just like M.A.C! They'll soon be available at John Lewis department stores.Its a must have for sure!
Back to the makeup...Lubna knows how to make a bride look modern yet traditional at the same time. The makeup is so well blended and just the right amount is put on. Not like the very common problem of too much makeup and pancaked foundation.* shrudder* Talk about a girls worst nightmare. When i went bridal makeup hunting in Pakistan.. the first thing i checked was the foundation. If that's not right then your makeup wont look right,no matter how amazing your eyes or the rest of your face is.
So all you girls,out there..or at least the ones in United kingdom..i strongly recommend Lubna Rafiq. I admit she is pricey, but then again i think its worth it. She's located in Croydon, London.
you can contact her at or check out her website

Just a thought

What defines a person? Is it the way they look or the way they act?In a world where we live in , people judge us by our looks, the way we carry ourselves. Now i know that's wrong. Absolutely horrible, but if you think about it... can you blame em? The first thing I notice about someone when i meet them for the first time is what they are wearing. Because that is what catches the eye.
Anyway, a 23 year old living in London.Lived in America then moved to Pakistan and now my final destination... London. I love all three places a lot, well London is on the bottom of my list but can ya blame me. The weather here sucks. However the Fashion here is amazing. Nothing you cant get in New York though.
I love to look good. I thrive on it. Some people call me self obsessed, a narcissist as my sister calls me. But i don't mind. I see nothing wrong in trying to look nice. Better to please the eye then to repel it:) So when I'm free...( which i usually am nowadays due to the horrible weather here) I like to see whats happening in our fashion world..and if its suitable for me to follow it! That is why i have made this blog. To keep a track of all my finds..things that i think i should share with others!Makeup.. accessories...hairstyles..etc. I find many girls asking me about all of the above why not make a blog about it!
Let me not drag on and bore all of you. I hope you find my future entries useful to you..I'm signing off. xoxo