Thursday, 27 November 2008

Just a thought

What defines a person? Is it the way they look or the way they act?In a world where we live in , people judge us by our looks, the way we carry ourselves. Now i know that's wrong. Absolutely horrible, but if you think about it... can you blame em? The first thing I notice about someone when i meet them for the first time is what they are wearing. Because that is what catches the eye.
Anyway, a 23 year old living in London.Lived in America then moved to Pakistan and now my final destination... London. I love all three places a lot, well London is on the bottom of my list but can ya blame me. The weather here sucks. However the Fashion here is amazing. Nothing you cant get in New York though.
I love to look good. I thrive on it. Some people call me self obsessed, a narcissist as my sister calls me. But i don't mind. I see nothing wrong in trying to look nice. Better to please the eye then to repel it:) So when I'm free...( which i usually am nowadays due to the horrible weather here) I like to see whats happening in our fashion world..and if its suitable for me to follow it! That is why i have made this blog. To keep a track of all my finds..things that i think i should share with others!Makeup.. accessories...hairstyles..etc. I find many girls asking me about all of the above why not make a blog about it!
Let me not drag on and bore all of you. I hope you find my future entries useful to you..I'm signing off. xoxo

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Anonymous said...

Yay! I like your log! You sound like one of my sisters, LOL.

Throw some fashion advice this way too, then!

Looking forward to reading more...