Wednesday, 3 December 2008


I love boots. They look Incredibly sexy with a pair of jeans or tights! I was surfing through the net generally looking for some hot boots and I came across these.WOW. There so pretttyyy!Ok pretty is not exactly the word for it but you know what I mean:p

Michelle Anne Knee High Rockstar Boots! I wanna be a Rockstar!!:) That's besides the point .They are comfortable, sassy & unforgettable. These beauties aren't even that expensive.Only 49.99 Big American bucks! Not bad. These babies feature wrap around straps and buckle.They are Pointy toe shaped knee high boots! Different from your everyday ordinary boots. Why not live a little! These boots will show you how! Besides... it's so cold and rainy outside,you need something to protect you from all that rain and mud!:D Enjoy! xoxo

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Anonymous said...

have you been to unize they have some amazing boots and theres always 50% off which is good