Friday, 10 June 2011

Striping it!

Stripes are one of the KEY trends this season. Stripes..
you either love it it or hate it. I for one..LOVE IT! If worn
right, it can look extremely chic. However, you do not and I repeat do not wanna go stripe overboard. It can look a bit crazy. It's not necessary to wear stripes from head to toe. Even adding a bit of stripe in a bangle or a cardigan can do the trick. My favourite stripe combination has
to be the navy blue and cream. I hate and I repeat HATE the electric coloured stripes.Sorry, I just can't see myself wearing it. I'm not 6. Here are
some stripes I adore:

Fatface £50

Paul Costello £39

Tartan and Zebra £6 £10.40

£25 £30

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