Monday, 31 October 2011

Skull Phone Accessories

I love glaming up my iPhone. It just makes it look so much prettier then it already is. Anything to make it stand out from the rest. I recently came across this HOT phone accessory. 2me style created a line of small ear-shaped skulls with crystal eyes in colours of gold, silver and black. They also designed a majorly hot cover which is covered in 1700 Swarovski diamond -cut forming a skull. This phone accessory will certainly Jazz up any phone.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Lauren Conrad launching Beauty book!

Who LOVED LC's Style book? I DID! This 25 year old is now coming out with a beauty book! *Yaaay* This book will be the ultimate guide to for all things concerning with beauty. This book will reveal Lauren's secret on looking gorgeous 24/7! She'll talk about how to achieve flawless skin, hairstyles and how to make skin look fresh. I'd love to know what Lauren's secrets are :)

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Miss Piggy's Mac Collection

Miss Piggy and MAC combine forces and are introducing a special makeup line on November 14th. Miss Piggy was always my favourite on the muppets with her diva like behaviour. She'll be gracing the silver screen playing the editor for french vouge in the latest muppets movie which will be released on November

Eyeshadow ($15.00 U.S. / $18.00 CDN)

Miss Piggy Pink Mid-tone blue-pink (Frost) (Limited Edition)

Penultimate Liner ($17.50 U.S. / $21.00


Rapidblack Black

Lash ($15.00 U.S. / $18.00 CDN)

#36 Lash Full lash, creates a naturally dramatic look

Holy Shmoly! Crazy Falsies..

Now I like fake lashez but these babies might be a bit tooo "Lady Ga Ga" for me. Theses lashez are from Gareth Puh for Mac 's collection. Would you wear it? I might..for Halloween :)

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Jimmy Choo Icons Launch

Which shoe lover DOESN'T love Jimmy Choo? Tammara Mellon celebrates 15 years of Jimmy Choo by introducing ICONS - a capsule collection of shoes inspired by the most significant creations from the Jimmy Choo archives. She takes 15 favourite shoes and evolves them to what they would look like today.
The shoes will be available for the world to buy from Nov 27th 2011. However you can preorder them online from the JIMMY CHOO website. They are a bit expensive with prices starting from $850( £550) to $2495 (£1595). However it's not just a shoe.. it a Choo :) So it's soo worth it!

Here is a preview of some of the beauties

My favourite from the collection is "Fave". Sigh, if only I had a spare £1195 ...If only.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Burberry SS2010 Bag collection

I'm not a huge Burberry bag lover. However I was quite impressed with the brands SS2012's collection. I loved how they used Earthy tones and gave their clutches a tribal /chic look. The colours contrast fabulously together giving it a rich look. Here are a few of my favourites.

Classic Investment Coat

So, I was casually walking through Covent Gradens high street when I saw Karen Millen's boutique and decided to have a look around. Big Mistake. My eyes fell upon this gorgeous coat and I immediately fell in LOVE! A heavy double breasted wool coat with pleat detail on the back waist. A sales assistant came scurryin
g to my side and asked if I'd like to try it on.I couldn't resist and said yes. When I wore it , I did NOT want to take it off! It looked so sophisticated and chic. The fitting was perfect as if it were tailored just for me. Perfect for a cold wintery day in London. However when I saw the price tag , my heart sank. £325. Ermm.. I'm gonna have to pass. I had to decide whether I wanted to pay my Bills for month or buy the coat. Even though I was tempted to opt for the latter, Sense was knocked into me and I made some feebl
e excuse which the sales lady just smirked at and I left the store. Why Oh Why Karen Millen are your coats so pretty?

Shamballa Craze

The shamballa bracelet is 2011's HOTTEST trend! Every celebrity / fashionista is wearing it. This bracelet was inspired by Buddhist philosophy and the ancient traditions of yoga. It comes in many pretty coloured beads. A
real Shamballa bracelet can cost up to hundreds of pounds, depending on your design. However we are not all rich. So where can we find a decent priced copy? Online of course! There are so many online retailers selling these beauties for a fraction of the cost! And it looks just as good. My favourite is the
black on black. I feel it's not too blingy and in your face. It's subtle and looks sophisticated.

So go and grab yourself a bracelet today and join the shamballa craze!