Monday, 13 April 2009

TopShop NY

Who would have thought..TopShop in NY? But then again, I can see it doing very well there. Girls in NY like change.Different styles and things to wear. And that's what Top Shop is about. The latest fashion, straight from the runway! It opened Thursday April 2, 2009 on Broadway and Bromel. Bright and colorful, spring-ish and simply Topshop, the new New York store looks just like the Oxford Circus Topshop, on four levels and 28,000 square feet just for selling (from the 40,000 square feet of total surface) with a DJ booth for busy days or special events. Also do check out Kate Moss's topshop 2009 Summer collection!

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surfclothing said...

Nice collection of designs. Looks quiet trendy...

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