Monday, 23 March 2009

Giorgio Armanis- Spring Light Collection

Giorgio Armani has come out with a Pink Light Spring 2009 collection. It's quite pretty. Very natural and playful colors. The eye shades are a bit light for me and would look better on Very fair skin rather then Asian skin. However the lipstick colors are very nice and would go with all skin tones. This collection is quite pricey but then again.. Its Armani!

Pink Light eye palette. This limited edition palette is embossed with Mr. Armani's signature, a distinct design for a classic spring palette. Available for $58.00

Duos morphed into fluid color for a soft, fresh color and subtle highlighting that sculpts the face. Available for $60.00

Lip wax 7 raspberry pink. A modern vision of lip color that has an incredibly smooth and silky texture of Lip Wax that glides over the lips leaving rich tailor-made color. Available for $26.00

Check out the rest of the collection at Giorgios website

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