Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Annika Rucci Evening Bags

Annika Rucci is the choice of the stylish, confident woman who effortlessly makes a statement with her unusual and beautiful accessories. Her handbags are Glamorous! Perfect to go with every type of formal wear from saris to shalwar kameez to evening dresses. I love the bling factor about them. Each collection is strictly limited. So you won't see anyone else wearing the same bag as you. Now that's hot!

Classic Italian python leather clutch in metallic olive tones. The crystallized ornament is filled with exquisite jet crystals and stones designed to set you apart. This item comfortably fits all your must-haves and is a day-to-evening pick.

A gorgeous black, silver and white beaded clutch!

Delicious Italian python leather clutch in metallic silver hues. The center is crystallized jet and black Austrian crystals in a funky leopard pattern. This item comfortably fits all your essentials ! $250.00

Dorset range - stunning snake Italian leather clutch with high quality Swarovski crystals brim in jet, hematite and black. With chain. [Only one piece]

Stunning lavender flower Italian leather clutch edged with Japanese flower pattern on a backdrop of shimmering jet Swarvoski crystals.

Last piece. Stunning multi-gold signature jewellery clutch embellished with semi precious stones and Swarovski crystals.

Aren't these bags so pretty? They are now shipping worldwide! Yaay. check out Annika Rucci and get one before it sells out!

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