Sunday, 8 March 2009

Dr.Dobbs Skin Care- Going natural never felt this good!

I'm a strong believer in going natural. Especially for my face and hair. Chemicals just end up making our skin age quickly and lose more hair. Ugh. So when I came across Dr. Dobbs old fashion remedies skin products I was quite excited. This company is owned by Joan a Registered Dietitian who uses her grandfathers and great grand fathers honored formulas as the bench mark in developing Dr. Dobbs' Old Fashioned Natural Remedies. Quite nice. Some ingredients they use are olive oil, wheat germ, almond oil, buttermilk, aloe Vera, and sunflower oil to name a few. The best part's not ridiculously expensive! The products price range from $3.00 to $20.00.

Dr. Dobbs Superior Nourishing Lotion with Milk & Honey

The secret to locking moisture and smoothness into dry, sensitive skin. Dr. Dobbs' formula combines natural honey with aloe, buttermilk and natural sunflower oil to soothe and gently re hydrate skin. 8 oz. bottle. It'll pamper your skin and lock in the moister and keep your skin smooth. Sounds really good to me! I have dry skin. I hate dry skin and milk and honey sounds like the perfect thing to cure it $9.99.

Dr. Dobbs' Facial Glow Tomato Complexion Soap

Tomatoes on your face..sounds nasty doesn't it? However This hand-milled soap contains the benefits of natural lycopenes and AHAs from the tomato - to soothe and refine enlarged pores. See a beautiful, healthy, glowing complexion. - 3 oz. bar. Ideal for oily skin! A refreshing, natural, and healthy way to cleanse and neutralize oily skin $6.99.

Dr. Dobbs' All Natural Skin Care Item

A luxurious, vitamin-enriched blend of virgin olive oil, cocoa butter and wheat germ oil. Dr. Dobbs' old-time formula is for everyday skin care and these all-natural moisturizers are perfect healers for dry, rough, chapped, scraped, sunburned, wind burned or damaged skin. Dr. Dobbs' Premium Skin Care is 100% natural and infused with the heavenly scent of lavender oil. - .75 oz tin $3.99.

Perk O' LipsTM Coffee Flavored Lip Balm

Ultra moisturizing Perk O' Lips coffee flavored lip balm keeps you going all day. The rich aroma and Star Burst of fine coffee bean flavor is a coffee house in your purse or pocket. The ultra moisturizing formula with lanolin and almond oil helps to repair cracked and chapped lips. Dr. Dobb's formula will keep healthy lips moist and refreshed - .15 oz tube or .32 oz tin $3.99.

So check out the site Dr Dobbs Skincare and see, feel and experience the difference!

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