Saturday, 14 March 2009


I had a great time today with my bff ash! We saw the confessions of a shopaholic. Great movie.. the scary thing was that I could actually relate to it. Anyway.. shopped at M.A.C , bought some kitty lip gloss.. pretty! Anyway We were on our way back and on Regents Street when I saw Lush . I was instantly attracted to the pretty displays and the fresh aroma coming from the shop. When I entered I saw that it was fresh handmade cosmetics store. Everything was displayed as if it just came out of the kitchen or lavatory( wherever they make it.) There were bowls of water next to the bath products like shampoo, bath salts , and soap so that they can demonstrate how to use it and how it actually smells and feels in the water. Quite cool. The lady who helped us was quite sweet. We were quite fascinated with the shampoo. No.. not the liquid type. The bar of shampoo. Solid shampoo. There were different types of shampoo bars for different types of hair types. Now some of these shampoos didn't smell nice. That's because its natural! No preservatives , chemicals etc. All natural. good for your hair! Now that's what I'm talking about.Shampoo isn't supposed to make your smell hair nice,it's supposed to CLEAN it! Best part.. it'll last you 80 washes and it not expensive! They range from £4- £5.

Solid bubble bath? Weird right? No. If it's solid it has preservatives. And these are all natural. They produce just as much maybe even more bubbles and will give you a sweet fragrance that'll fill your house! Perfect for a nice soothing bath. These are also not very expensive ranging from £2- £4.

Fresh face masks. Sounds nice

doesn't it? When I entered this section I saw freshly made face masks in bowls placed on top of ice to keep it fresh. That's hoe natural it wash. I felt like putting some on my face right there! It ranged from papaya, seaweed, honey etc and cost £6.31. They also had fresh natural Henna, lip balms, cleansers, shower jelly( that was really cool) butter cream, soap, hair gel, conditioner, hair treatments and many more! Do visit the shop. The staff was very friendly and the products seem very good. You'll get your moneys worth for sure! Check out their site Lush and see for yourself!

The fresh Henna

The shower jelly

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Anonymous said...

The place looks yummy!

*MrB* said...

It was! Very nice and refreshing.