Sunday, 15 March 2009

Monsoon Accessorize

I love Monsoon. When I went to Accessorize yesterday I just fell in love with everything. I love that shop! I just want to buy EVERYTHING in it! I know where I'm going as soon as I get my pay check :) Monsoon Accessorize always have the Hottest bags ,jewellery, shoes, and scarves. I love the designs and the colors they use. I bought myself some really gorgeous turquoise stoned earrings! So gorgeous! However I do have my eyes on a few more things.

Ethnic Gem Threaded Bangle £12.00

I absolutely LOVE this! The color, the stones.. it's so pretty. Very elegant and it reeks sophistication

Oriental Cut Out Resin Bangle £8.00

Metallic Floral Flip Flops £8.00

Doris Day Hawaiian Sparkly Shoulder Bag £40.00

Sanguine Lace Floral Print Silk Scarf £10.00

Portofino Wide Band Ring £10.00

I love this. As you can see... I love turquoise stones!

Aztec Wow Chandelier Earrings £


Aren't they hot. I have a major weakness for such earrings.

Boho Wooden Handle Cross Body Bag £34.0

Japanesque Mini Mismatch Bracelet £8.00

Nautical Flower Clip £8.00

Isn't this so funky! Perfect with a black/white suit. Shalwar kameez or western wear.

Double Hibiscus Salon Clip £5.00

Perfect for Spring/Summer..and perfect for my lil trip to Paris in August!

Arctic Statement Necklace £16.00

So check out Monsoon- Accessorize I'm sure you'll find something you'll love!

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