Sunday, 22 February 2009

Havaianas- Comfort Sandals

Sandals which look hot and feel good? Now that's what I call genius! Comfort and fashion mixing...Yaay! Havaianas are an exception. Marked as the
World's Best Sandal. Their more than 40-year old secret rubber formula is the worlds best rubber and is responsible for a buttery-soft, bouncy, flexible sandals that have blissfully cushioned the feet of many ladies and celebrities around the world. These comfortable sole saviors can be worn with flirty skirts, tailored shirts and jeans. Many celebrities have been wearing them like Reese Witherspoon, Jenniffer Aniston and Cameron Diaz. Below are a few of my favourite.

Havaianas Slim Peacock $24.00 Limited Edition

Metal Mesh $84.00

Highlight Chocolate $38.00

Slim Animal White $24.00



Check out the site at : Stock up for summer because it's just around the corner!

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