Tuesday, 3 February 2009

My Favourite Handbags for Spring 2009

Below are some of my favourite bags for Spring 2009.

I love this Prada bag. The Cervox Lux Tote is a very classic bag and reeks sophistication! It's made out of deer leather Isn't it lovely? If only some one could spare me $2,150. :)

Now I'm not that big of a fan of Louie Viton but i really liked this bag from the new spring collection 2009. I love the contrast of colors and how it can be used both formally and casually.

Diane Von Frustenberg. Now that lady knows how to make a bag! The above is a part of her 2009 spring collection. This is my favourite out of all of them. This over sized slouchy hobo bag is knitted with metal leather. How chic is that! I love it!! This is No.1 on my "Must Buy" list. It available for $1,100.

Emilo Pucci. Interesting name isn't it. Even more interesting bag! This Alessandro Terry bag is perfect for spring with it's bright colors and geometrical shapes! It's made out of plush terry material and costs only $761.

This classy black leather tote bag trimmed with chains is a beauty from Vera Wang. I love the " bigger then life" sized bag. You Can easily put anything in it. It has quite the Rocker Chic look.Love it Love it Love it!

Now this is what I call "HOT|". A gorgeous black beaded chained Dolce& Gabbana clutch. Again, a very rocker chic look. Absolutely stunning. I love the size, the color, the chains , in short... everything!

I find this patent leather Dooney & Bourke zebra Chiara handbag quite nice. I always had a thing for the "zebra" style. It's big, stylish and absolutely perfect for the spring weather coming up! Available for only $295.00

Gold can be such a pretty color if used properly. Donatella Versace certainly knew what she was doing when she made this amazing gold framed silk bag. Part of her Spring 2009 collection.