Friday, 13 February 2009

Mojo Spas Delicous Valentines Day treats!

Mojo Spa has come out with such Delicious treats for that special day. Different innovative beauty items which look Oh so yummy. I love the soap variety they have created. Who knew soap could be so yummy. The body pop soap, candy heart body soap, coconut cream bundt cake soap, Mon Cherie Luxury Body Soap, and Strawberry Chocolate Cupcake Soap to name a few. These all cost from $8.00 - $10.00. Also have a look at the Love Bath Bombs. Six handmade mini hearts that will fill your bath with a sensuous aroma of strawberries, lavender, & gardenia. This comes for $22.00.

The get sweet gift set is perfect to give a loved one! Contains everything you need to get pampered & sweeten your beauty routine. Includes 4 products: Love Bath Bombs, Sweet Thang Cupcake Soap, Body Pop Soap, & Cupid's Candy Soy Cream Candle. Discounted Price! (Retail price for individual products total $53.00)

Remember all these products are Homemade! Mojo Spas products utilize natural food ingredients, aromatherapy blends, positive affirmations, healing crystals & sound therapy. Each item is made in small quantities so that it's made with special care and is of good quality!
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