Friday, 30 January 2009

I look. I See. I Want

Christian Louboutin shoes. Sigh. They are Hot. Pricey but Hot.I Want I Want I Want!:)

Satin Tulip Thing Sandal $795.00

Petal Crepe Satin Sandal $895.00 (These are my fav!)

Mirrored Platform Shoes $1295.00

Bretelle Strappy Sandal $695.00

The Shoes above are from his Spring 2009 trunk collection.

I love these boots as well
But winters almost over so forget the boots and bring out the sandals!

4 comments: said...

I came, I saw, and now I'm depressed. lol, as gorgeous as they are I could never justify spending over $200 on shoes...unless I won the lottery, of course. ;D

Love the Louboutins and the color of that sandal is so now, so wow!

*MrB* said...

lol, i agree spending a grand on shoes is quite crazy. I just look and drool:) I know what you mean about the color, very wow! Soo pretty. sigh one day maybe..oneday lol

Courtney said...

My thoughts on splurging on a pair of Louboutins....they are an investment. And will last a loooong time. And the classic black pump will never go out of style. That's how I justify it. :) Love the blog.

*MrB* said...

You do have a point, it's an investment .People invest in houses, cars etc we women invest in shoes:) Thanks Courtney:)