Thursday, 8 January 2009

Boo to Dry Skin!

I am very fussy about my skin. If my skin feels good then I feel good. I originally have dry skin and during the winter my skin becomes even more dry . On top of that I happen to live in a country where it is freezing cold and the weather is absolutely HORRIABLE for my skin. So I wakeup everyday with dry skin which seriously irritates me. This resulted in me going on a desperate hunt to find the perfect moisturizer. I tried Neutrogena face moisturiser but that moisturised my face for about 10 min. So that’s a big No! I tried L’Oreal, Oil of Olay and some new organic moisturiser that was newly launched at Boots . The organic moisturiser was a Big mistake. The lotion didn't absorbe into my skin properly and it gave a very unsatisfied and dry feeling. What's a girl to do to get some decent moisturisers in this cold harsh winter season?
Finally God decided to bestow some mercy on my skin. I came across this really good moisturiser. Origins A Perfect World™ Antioxidant moisturizer with White Tea. I fell in Love with it! It’s light on the skin and absorbs into it really well. It doesn’t give an oily feeling. The best part, my skin was hydrated the entire day☺ It’s perfect for dry and sensitive skin. It’s available at any department store like Macys and Bloomingdales for $36.00 and here in England you can find it online or at Harrods and Selfridges for about £30.00. Another natural way for amazing skin is drinking a lot of water. It really works. I drink around 8 -9 glasses a day and my skin feels so fresh,hydrated and so soft just like baby skin. Yes, I know it requires a lot of energy due to the frequent bathroom trips but you know what, I think it's worth it. Just keep a large bottle of water with you wherever you go. If you don’t like water, try making fresh squeezed lemonade. This is very good for those who have bad skin. It tastes very good too.

I'm gonna go gulp down a jug of lemoande lol The one with fresh lemons , suger, a pinch of salt and pepper.Yumm. I feel like summer's here.


Sehr said...

Thank you so much Marium! Love you for this! I am so going to get drunk on water! You MashAllah write so well, like a pro! I am so impressed! Keep it up sweetheart! :)

Beau said...

You're totally right about Oil of Olay not working well. I don't think it handles PH balance good enough because when I use their oil-free moisturizer I get breakouts. I also have the organic lotion problem of not absorbing well.
You should always use a good brand for your skin. I used to think that name brands meant nothing, until I tried it and saw the difference. They are specially formulated and work 'professionally' for this kind of stuff. Often you can only get the really, really good stuff in a spa with a trained sales person or in a doctor's office. A spa owner told me that if you use the wrong cream for the wrong skin type you can damage someone's skin. That's why they have to be sold by someone trained in the field.
That being said, your lemonade will work well because Vitamin C is a factor in good skin and collagen production, which also guards against wrinkles. People think Vitamin C is just for colds, but in fact it is a vital factor in healing wounds, which is relevant to your skin's healthy-ness.
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