Monday, 26 January 2009

Dry Lips suck!

I hate dry lips!Grr. Seriously very annoying! The weather in London is so dry. I hate it!! Can't wait for the sun to shine, warm summer breeze..sigh. In the meantime, Hello rain and cold! My lips are so dry they are actually cracking! It's so bad that even me drinking tons and tons of water isn't helping! My husbands like, Mariam, Please.your lips.Do something. (They actually started to bleed). I put on lip gloss and etc.Temporary relief was all i got.My lips would dry up within 30min. So i remembered my uncle bought me some M.A.C lip balm. I tried it and could literally hear my lips sigh in relief!lol And I love the smell too!Just like toffee apple. It's only £10.28.I know many people use blistx too.I hear that's good.But why not moisturize in style;)

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