Friday, 16 January 2009

Never B too Busy to B Beautiful!

Makeup, Makeup and more Makeup! That's my motto! I discovered this shop when i was casually strolling down Oxford Street with my best friend, and i was delighted! A shop which is dedicated just to makeup and perfumes gets me very excited! The exterior of the shop was very eye catching. A huge letter "B" dazzling on the top of the door. When i looked in through the huge glass windows i saw a very chic , creatively decorated store where the main color was GOLD. There was a huge rush of girls everywhere scrambling about with their baskets. I decided to enter and i was greeted with beautiful scents of sherbet fountains, candy floss, toffee apple .I then knew, this was going to be huge.

B Makeup-

Lets start with the
eye makeup.
Pressed Shadows- A selection of 35 Sexy shades which range from Iridescent Gold to pale turquoise , to smouldering charcoal grey. These shades will stay on all day and will light give that hot edge to your eyes! They come in an admirably , decorated refillable 0.4 g pot. My personal favourite is Bugatti(pink grey). It gives my eyes an amazing soft touch. These babies cost £8.30each.A refill is only £4.90 and will stick automatically to the magnetic base!

  • They also have eyeshadow selection boxes.The boxes are so cute! Something you would want to decorate your dresser with. There are 3 different selections in 5 lustrous shades. Each box is for £29.30. Their is the "Bellisimo selection" which includes rose pink blossom, golden bronze burnish, emerald gold beatrix, shimmering pale pink B delight and smouldering charcoal belize.

Next is the "Big Smoke" Box.This is a very classy and sexy collection that will help you achieve that sexy smokey eyed look. The colors include glittering white Burke, Shimmery Pale pink B delight, stormy grey B lo,purple grape Blur and smouldering charcoal.

"Bombshell" pressed eyeshadow box is a stunning palette that aims more for the natural look . The colors include bronze burnish, shimmering pale pink B delight, sandy beach, sparkly dark brown Boston and smouldering charcoal Belize.

Creamy Eyeshadow- Formulated with spring water and almond oil this creamy eyeshadow will glide on to your skin giving you a smooth finish. You can even use them as an eyeliner. The colors range from bottle green to majestic purple to tantalising golden green! Each 4g bottle is £12.00.

Metallic loose powder-
I personally love these. Shimmering powder in cute little carved wooden boxes. Adorable!! You can apply it anywhere you want and it'll shimmer away. Perfect for an eye makeup fanatic. Some colors include Bourbon Mist(i juts love the names), Bora Bora pale blue with silver sparkle,Beverly Hills golden turquoise and many more. These little pots of beauty cost £15.00 each.

Pretty, shiny sexy lips. That's what we all want. You ca now achieve that with B's lip gloss. Lip gloss comes in a small beaded box .Some colors include glittering reddish pink, shimmering light purple, glittering bubble pink etc. They cost around £7.50 each!

The cute heart shaped lip creams are very nice. Keep your lips nice and moist.I hate dry chapped lips so this is perfect!You'll have a soft, colored pout for the whole day! It costs around £9.50 each.

Their lipsticks are also nice but I'm not that big a fan of them I prefer there lip gloss over the lipsticks any day! They come in many colors like metallic brown, sheer red rouge noir( black) etc .They come for £10.00 each.

Brushes! I love there brushes! They are so pretty:) I just want to buy the entire collection and put it on my dresser so it looks all pretty! I like pretty brushes!

The Face makeup is fine but I haven't tried it really. They range in liquid foundations to blush to cream foundation to cream blushers to tinted foundation .

The B-BAR!

The AMAZING thing about the "B" shop is the B BAR! Here you sit down at the bar and have a look at the "cocktail" of makeup. The lady does your makeup while you sit and relax and sip on a cocktail of your choice! It's actually quite cool. First I've heard of it!

B Perfumes!

They have a whole section just for there perfumes! So many different types and smells! So many different varieties! A visit to the shop is a MUST to check these out!

Never B too Busy to be Beautiful is a must check out for all you makeup junkies out there! I am sure you'll love it! There is alot to see in this place! The staff are very friendly and very helping!The environment is very hip and upbeat! Perfect for makeup store!The sister company for LUSH cosmetics!I have just covered the tip of the iceberg! Check it out at

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