Friday, 9 January 2009

* Foundation*

While we're on the topic of nice skin, I thought I'd address a famous topic. Foundation. So many girls have asked me to suggest a good foundation. One that doesn’t make them look like Bridezilla. One that doesn’t look like you are actually wearing anything on your face. Something light and natural and won't ruin your skin. Well I found one. I stumbled upon it accidently.
My cousins and me were shopping at John Lewis, a department store here in Oxford Street, London. We saw the makeup section and were like…Ooh Lets have some fun! So we went to each station, getting our eyes done and face made up. First my base was done by Bobbi brown. Err not so good. Wasn’t too happy. Then I saw my cousin come back with a fresh and clear face. I was like, wow. So I asked her where she got it done. I expected her to say Chanel , Lancôme or Clinique. However she said, Sisley Paris. I was like, okay a bit doubtful. I thought she got it wrong. So I went there and tried it on.

I LOVED IT! It was so light. It absorbed right in making it seem like I had amazingly beautiful clear skin. Well, I actually do have nice clear skin. But it made it seem more fresh and pretty. Sisley Paris Oil Free Foundation, Phyto teint eclat, a fluid ultra light to give you that long lasting natural look! It’s oil free texture is suitable for ALL skin types! That’s what makes it so good! Your face will be glowing and you can enjoy a smooth, natural looking finish. Its available at any department store like Bloomingdales, Nordstrom and Macys for $115.oo. Yes that’s correct. $115.00 for a medium sized bottle of liquid foundation. In England you can find it at John Lewis, Selfridges, House of Frasier etc for £72. If you really want some amazing foundation and willing to splurge on your skin then I advise this! I personally think, Never Go Cheap on hair and makeup!
Ta Ta !xoxo

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