Thursday, 29 January 2009

Donna Karens Spring collection 2009!" Liquid Assets"

Donna Karen's spring collection named "Liquid Assets" is Hot, Hot, Hot. I absolutely ADORE this collection. Very slouchy sexy and provocative . I like, I like! It mainly consists of heavy silk dresses being loosely draped around the models shoulders . The beautifully jewelled tops and mini skirts gave it that Glam look. She used alot of matte- charmeuse and satin jersey. Karen's color palette consisted of warm earth tones and aqua! very elegant ,very light and very very Gorgeous!

Isn't it so Glamorous! Sigh. I love the High Heeled sandals and the beautifully jewelled handbags. Very Sophisticated! Again, job well done!

2 comments: said...

This just goes to prove, I would rather choose to be overly dressed than under. I am in love with all the shimmery fabrics and shiny accessories!

Btw, I like how you blinged out the flowers on your background.

*MrB* said...

Same here.I absolutely love it! So pretty. So "Spring".lol :)Oh and thanks about the flowers but i didn't do that myself. i got it from "thecutestblogontheblock!"