Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Get your Mojo !!;)

What do you get when you Take a Chef plus a Beauty guru ?Don't know? The answer is Mojo Spa!Mojo Spa is a company which is owned by Amanda Kezios and they make beauty products that will make you look and feel good! Quite delicious if you ask me!

All products are handmade by Amanda and her assistants which means good quality stuff! They have 230 different products which range from makeup to skincare to body care to hair! A product which I'd like to recommend is the Deodorant!Yes deodorant! The "Don't Sweat it" deodorant which is an all natural deodorant which absorbs the sweat by using natural Clay and baking soda. Interesting isn't it! The tree oil and litsea help eliminate odor. It costs only $10.00. The best part, it actually worked! It leaves you dry and not Stinky!(thank God for that.)

The Mojo Spa lip balms are wonderfully moisturising and smell amazing! They'll give your lips that sexy pout ! They cost between $8.00 to $12.00. Not bad for something natural and amazing!

The lotions and creams is a MUST check out! They look absolutely delicious! yummy. I was getting a sugar rush by just looking at them!:) They come in so many different delicious flavors from "Biscotti breakfast healing body cream" to "Sugar Me Sweet Whipped Body Cream" to "Chocolate Truffle Body Butter"(YUM!) to "Mon Cherie Luxury Body Cream"! They cost around $12 .00 to $20.00. These creams are GREASE free, long-lasting and moisturizing! Some creams took over 2 years and 75 recipes till they got it right!!

On their website they have a " Recipe of the month " as well. Where They post new yummy recipes every month! How delicious is that?

Overall, I think MojoSpa is worth giving a try! The store is located in Chicago, Ill.(Lucky Chicago!) However you can Check out their website at
Happy Surfing!:)

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