Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Deeya Jewellery is a MUST have!

Good jewellery is hard to find. Good jewellery at a good price is even harder to find. So when I found out about, I have never been happier. You have to admit, being an Asian girl who wears both eastern and western clothes, its hard finding jewellery that will go with both. This site sells amazingly hot jewellery for amazing prices!

They sell ALL types of jewellery from bangles, bracelets,earrings, rings, beaded necklaces, chain necklaces, long necklaces, metal necklaces and ,Indian sets to name a few!

My personal favorite is the purple crystal earrings made up of amethyst and light amethyst stones! They are stunning! Perfect for a fancy dinner or wedding! The price is quite reasonable too , £14.99/ $29.85. I also adore the Abarasha earrings. They are absolutely DIVINE! The Topaz earrings Will have heads turning . Gorgeous! I'm already envisioning an outfit I’m going to make with it when I go to France. These beauties are for only £10.99!!

Another item which has me captivated is the lascarius necklace! BTW if you haven’t noticed chunky jewellery is in for 2009. This necklace would be perfect! The turquoise beads look beautiful entwined within each other and the coins just give it that perfect “going out “ look! For only £6.99!

Let’s go to the Indian sets. I love traditional jewellery! It’s very important for a married lady to be smothered in but I try to lay back on the “smothering”. Some of the sets on
Deeya are so delicate yet rich! Sigh..anyway these beauties speak for themselves!

Below are a few more favourites of mine..I actually had a lot of favourites but I’ll leave it to you to check out the site yourself!

Aren't they gorgeous! To check out more go to
If your on facebook I highly recommend the Deeya group which has the latest happenings on! Just type in the search box Deeya jewellery .Oh and the BEST part is, they deliver free to anywhere in the world! Yes you read correctly. Free shipping! Yaay!All you have to do it at checkout, just write FACEBOOK and hit submit. Voila! Free delivery. Now if that doesn't motivate you to check this site out, then I don't know what would! :)
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Anonymous said...

where can we get these !!!

Anonymous said...

wow.Hot earrings!Ill definitely have a look... wow

*MrB* said...

I know! Hot right, just check out

Claire said...

Great collection.
I love this page.
Keep on doing this good work! said...


Anonymous said...

amazing stuff.i love the bracelets and much are they?

Anonymous said...

You can buy these and check the prices on!