Wednesday, 21 January 2009

VS PINK Tee Competetion!

Are you a Victoria Secret Pink fan? Can you design? Then this contest is for you! Victoria Secret is giving you the chance to design your own Tee shirt and submit it in! If you win... $500.00 gift card from Vs! 2 second place winners get $250.00 VS Gift card. Plus your Tee shirt will be printed! They want the Tee shirt to Reflect the spirit of Vs Pink! It will be judged by expert designers. Entries must be received between January 13Th to February 15Th! You can use Pinks online Design Tool or download your own or use your own software! However, you must be living in the United States to enter! Sigh that sucks doesn't it. Anyway, happy designing! Get Started here:

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hello :) I sent you a mail at, but I don't know if you've seen it
I just wonder if you have the t-shirt above, with the print ''Lady knights'' and white stripes?

Sincerely, Madeleine :)